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Operational Excellence

In a highly demanding and competitive global environment such as the one we live today, the challenge is to make every single organisation perform to its absolute perfection, McGrath with its “made to measure” and “wall to wall” approach ensures your organisation will be up to the challenges it’s facing, improving performance, optimising costs, improving customer service, becoming more competitive and increasing profit.

Operational Performance Assessment

McGrath approach starts with a deep and detailed evaluation of your operation, in terms of processes, management systems, performance measurement, management alignment and behaviours and attitudes.

This assessment will lead to the design of the Improvements Implementation Program (in a detailed schedule) and the estimation of potential gains. This process is made in partnership with the Top Management, to ensure the McGrath program is aligned with the strategic vision of the organisation.

Operational Excellence Implementation Program

The McGrath Operational Excellence Implementation Program is tailored specially for each organisation according to the specific needs, challenges and goals. And it is developed with the involvement of every key person in the organisation. So it becomes a common goal for everybody. A real transformation process where everybody is committed to improve and become excellent. From production to administration, from logistics to R&D, from shared services to every business unit…, the Operational Excellence Implementation Program impact in every aspect of the organisation:

Management Systems

McGrath and the client staff create a new way of managing the resources in every area. Objectives accurate definition and effective communication, operational planning optimisation, work measurement, clear assignment of tasks, close follow up, timely reporting and corrective action taken when required, become the normal way to work.

Business Processes

McGrath and the client staff clean up all the operational processes, making them lean and effective. A more effective way of working also creates motivation and reinforces the transformation

Performance Measurement

An objective way to measure performance creates also a culture of fact-based decisions and banish forever any subjective way of evaluating performance. A fair system that recognises true achievement becomes the new language of the organisation.

Attitudes & Behaviours

Behaviours and attitudes from the past are pushed out by the new management systems, the more effective operational processes and the objective performance evaluation. The change process that takes place is helped by our McGrath Management Development Support Program, a cutting edge management training program based on the new discoveries in neuroscience and supported by individual coaching, when necessary, so all the managers, supervisors, team leaders, etc. become high performers.


McGrath Operational Excellence Implementation Programs will achieve the following results:

  • Reduce material costs
  • Optimise operational crewing
  • Increase equipment utilisation
  • Increase production capacity
  • Optimise supply chain performance
  • Reduce purchasing costs
  • Optimise inventory
  • Reduce non quality costs
  • Reduce product development cycle
  • Improve deliveries performance
  • Improve service levels to customers
  • Optimise the product portfolio
  • Optimise working capital
  • Increase liquidity
  • Increase Revenue and Profit