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Corporate Transformation

Specific programs aimed to assess and transform organisational performance with a limited scope but with a full McGrath style and effectiveness.

Operational Due Diligence

An assessment directed to determine accurately the actual and potential levels of performance and its impact in the bottom line. Extremely useful for getting an insight on the operations of a company, division or unit, and evaluate the convenience, price or conditions of a merge or an acquisition.

Merge / Acquisitions Implementation

The integration or fusion of two organisations, its cultures, its structures, its operational processes and systems, its supply chain, etc. is always a difficult process that take years to consolidate. McGrath has the expertise and the know how to speed up the process, making it fluid, gentle and effective.

Strategy Implementation

Market changes, technological changes, new developments, cultural and generational changes….Organisations need to adapt to the new situations, to embrace new ways of doing things, to adopt new technologies, to face new challenges all the time. Most of the times, radical changes means new strategies to deal with the new situations. But what is decided in the Board Room not always happens in the rest of the organisation.
McGrath has developed a specific Strategy Implementation Program that involves Strategy workshops, the development of the different steps of the strategy implementation and the actual implementation at every level. McGrath Strategy Implementation will ensure that every detail developed on the new strategy is implemented effectively and its results monitored.

High Performance Management Teams

McGrath High Performance Management Teams Programs transform organisations through the transformation of their management teams.

  • A management team that is committed to a  strategic vision and works together to achieve it.
  • Managers that understand each other’s situations and they work together with team spirit.
  • Managers with their individual responsibilities that work together to achieve the overall goals.
  • Managers that are the natural leaders in their own areas.
  • Effective management meetings where nothing is forgotten to be discussed or assigned.
  • The continuous improvement environment is rolled down through all the organisation.
  • All stakeholders are satisfied and committed with performance.
  • High performance becomes part of the organisational culture.
  • As a result, customers are loyal, growth is significant and profits are good.