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Commercial Excellence

The objective of the McGrath Commercial Excellence Implementation Program is to sell more and better. In order to achieve this, it is designed based on the Sales & Marketing Assessment and with the collaboration of the client. The result is a commercial transformation in the broad sense of the expression. From branding and the lead generation to the actual sale, margins, product portfolio, sales team effectiveness, after sales and customer service. Every interaction with customers is evaluated, analysed, and improved and transformed, including the general approach of the organisation to the market. The Commercial Excellence Implementation Program impacts in every aspect of the organisation – market relationship.

Commercial Performance Assessment

Is the organisation getting full advantage of all the opportunities that the market offers? The Commercial Performance Assessment provides to our clients a new vision of the company and its interaction with the market. A profound analysis of the complete sales process, the Sales & Marketing management system and structure, the product portfolio, the branding, the existing sales skills…. Every aspect that could influence turnover and margins is analysed and a specific Commercial Excellence Implementation Program is designed in partnership with the Top Management, so the program is aligned with the organisational strategy.

Commercial Excellence Implementation Program

McGrath Commercial Excellence Implementation Program is designed and developed taking into account our clients specific challenges, their position in the market and their marketing and strategic goals. Tailored specially for each organisation, it represents a real transformation that will boost the sales, increasing dramatically the turnover and the margins
It will involve the improvement of the branding, the lead generation, the lead conversion, the sales funnel ratios, the sales structure, the sales skills, the sales productivity, the after sales activities, the customer service, the product portfolio, etc., the Commercial Excellence Implementation Program will transform every aspect of the interaction with the market:
Sales & Marketing Management Systems
A transformation of the way the sales & marketing resources are managed will take place. From the goals definition and communication, to the way the organisation plans the resources, to the close follow up on performance and corrective actions that need to be taken. Best practices will be identified and spread all over the Sales & Marketing area. And a proven structured approach will be defined and implemented allowing the sales team to succeed in getting the best of the market.

Marketing, Lead Generation and Lead Conversion Processes
Every step of the process will be analysed and structured according to the best practices, so the Sales & Marketing team will know how to deal with the different situations according to what is proven to be the best way. Ratios from the different steps will be identified and methodologies to improve success in every step of the process will be implemented.

Sales Skills Training
The neuroscience new developments and the technology available created a revolution in the way we sell, so the sales techniques have changed dramatically in the last few years. From how to develop favourable attention to closing the sale, our customised Market Success Training Program will enhance the sales performance creating synergy with the new systems and processes, generating extraordinary results.


McGrath Commercial Excellence Implementation Programs will achieve the following results:

  • Increase sales effectiveness
  • Increase turnover
  • Optimise product portfolio
  • Improve service levels
  • Improve market presence and branding
  • Increase market share
  • Increase margins
  • Increase profit