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Manufacturing is today more than ever under incredible challenges driven by the competition of manufacturing capacity in Asia that is at fraction of the manufacturing costs in the western world. This competition poses a challenge to manufacturers that will have to produce with high quality, at lower cost and with a shortened time to market superior production order to gain traction in their respective markets. But incredibly it also poses some opportunities in so far as that a company that excels in producing with disciplined performance and execution will undoubtedly ensure financial benefits for shareholders and increased market share.
McGrath’s manufacturing dedicated team with its incredibly vast experience and its analysis and implementation methodology as well as focused and objective approach to performance excels in delivering clear competitive advantages even when faced with mammoth challenges of Asia’s capacity to produce at lower cost.
We at McGrath are able to identify weakness of concept and performance, operational footprint complexities and other identified challenges and thereafter completely design a tailor made implementation program that will improve execution control and reduce ineffectiveness and deliver superior performance in all areas such as procurement, production, production planning, R&D, waste, logistics/supply chain to name a few.


Tangible improvements of a McGrath Operational Excellence program on the Manufacturing sector are

  • Reduction on labour costs by as much as 25%
  • Reduction of overtime by as much as 100%
  • Reduction of subcontractors costs by as much as 50%
  • Reduction of production costs by outsourcing by 25%
  • Reduction of inventory by as much as 40%,
  • Reduction of stock-outs by 100%
  • Reduction of late deliveries by as much as 90%,
  • Reduction in time to market as much as 30%,
  • Increased productivity by 15% to 30%,
  • Increase on equipment utilisation by 10% to 25%
  • Reduction of changeover time by 15% to 40%
  • Reduction of equipment down time by 15% to 30%
  • Reduction in cycle times by as much as 35%,
  • Reduction in purchasing costs by 5% to 12%,
  • Reduction in warehouse costs by up to 25%,
  • Reduction of Inventory by as much as 55%
  • Increased utilization of installed capacity by as much as 30%,
  • Reduction of non quality cost by as much as 30%,
  • Increase in R&D performance by as much as 25%,

Intangible improvements achieved in the Manufacturing industry are:

  • Better attitude from all stakeholders,
  • Increased and more focused meetings,
  • Better control of key events,
  • Better communication between departments,
  • Better training programs and methods,
  • Improved sales processes,
  • Improved sales skills,
  • More synchronized master schedule,
  • More loyal and satisfied clients,
  • Improved forecasting and scheduling with correct focused follow-up,
  • Higher retention of customers,
  • Dynamic pro-active maintenance system,
  • Better supplier management and rationalization

McGrath has worked extensively in several manufacturing industries.