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Life Sciences

Regulatory challenges, converging pharmaceutical, medical technology and medical biotechnology in addition to new product pipelines, time to market constraints and spiralling healthcare costs are just a few of the immense pressures that face Healthcare and Pharma organizations in order to align shareholders goals to falling revenues that are in contrast to increased performance demands.
Exposure to pharmaceuticals and other life science organizations has given us at McGrath a second to none understanding of the plethora of challenges that these organizations face; that is why many healthcare companies come to us to help them realign their organization to ambitious performance objectives.
Our McGrath Life Sciences Unit is a dedicated team with vast experience. With an astute analysis and implementation methodology and a focused and objective approach to performance, will identify deficiencies in concept and performance, operational footprint complexities and other identifiable challenges and thereafter tailor an implementation program to your specific needs, improving execution control and reducing ineffectiveness, delivering superior performance in all areas such as procurement, production, production planning, R&D, wastage, logistics or supply chain to name a few.

Results achieved

Tangible results achieved with McGrath Improvement Programs in the Life Sciences sector have been:

  • Reduction of loses for expired medication dates as much as 90%,
  • Reduction of inventory by as much as 40%,
  • Reduction of on time deliveries by as much as 90%,
  • Reduction in time to market as much as 30%,
  • Increased productivity by 15% to 30%,
  • Reduction in cycle times by as much as 35%,
  • Reduction in procurement costs by 7% to 10%,
  • Reduction in warehousing costs by up to 25%,
  • Increased utilization of installed capacity by as much as 30%,
  • Reduction of costs of lack of quality by as much as 30%,
  • Reduction of R&D cycle time by as much as 25%,

Other improvements that could not be quantified were achieved, like:

  • Better attitude from all stakeholders,
  • Increased and more focused meetings,
  • Better control of key events,
  • Better communication between departments,
  • Better training programs and methods,
  • Improved sales cycles,
  • Improved sales skills,
  • More synchronized master schedule,
  • More loyal and satisfied clients,
  • Improved forecasting and scheduling with correct focused follow-up,
  • Higher retention of customers,
  • Dynamic pro-active maintenance system,
  • Better supplier management and rationalization,

Some of our clients in the life sciences industry

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