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Energy and Utilities

The ever increasing burdens brought about by supply limitations, upward spiralling costs and environmental impact are a major source of concern for governments and organizations alike. Yet these can be great opportunities for organizations that have the vision to operate outside the “box” and within a framework of efficiency and perfected execution.

McGrath has a particular sensibility in determining the changes needed to enhance performance at lower costs.

McGrath Energy, our dedicated Energy and Utilities Unit, with its vast experience in analysis and implementation methodology as well as its focused and objective approach to performance is able to identify opportunities for improvement in concept, performance, operational footprint complexities and other identifiable challenges followed by a complete tailored implementation program that will improve execution control and reduce ineffectiveness and deliver superior performance in all areas such as procurement, production, production planning, R&D, wastage, logistics or supply chain to name a few.

Results achieved

Tangible results achieved in a McGrath Improvement program in the Energy and Utilities sector were:

  • inventory reduction by as much as 40%,
  • reduction in time to market up to 30%,
  • increased productivity by 15% to 30%,
  • reduction in cycle times by as much as 35%,
  • reduction in procurement costs by as much as 7% ,
  • reduction in warehousing costs up to 25%,
  • increased utilization of installed capacity by as much as 30%,
  • reduction of costs of quality deficiencies by as much as 30%,
  • reduction in R&D cycle time by as much as 25%.


Intangible improvements were also achieved, such as better attitude from all stakeholders and participants, increased and more focused meetings, better control of key events, better communication between departments, better training programs and methods, improved sales cycles, improved sales skills, more synchronized master schedule, more loyal and satisfied clients, improved forecasting and scheduling with correct focused follow-up, higher retention of customers, dynamic pro-active maintenance system, better supplier management and rationalization.

Some of our clients in the energy and utilities industry


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Case studies:

  • Supply chain optimisation and inventory reduction. Energy Company Southern Europe
  • Staffing Optimisation and Equipment Utilisation Increase. Gas Company. Southern Europe
  • Equipment Utilisation Increase. Oil & Gas Equipment Company. UK & Ireland