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The challenges of ubiquitous scrutiny and the contraction of regulatory policies applied to the financial industry demands that all the financial organisations review their modus operandi and adjust accordingly. This means that there is no margin for error and a zero tolerance policy with respect to inefficiencies in operations and administration.
McGrath Banking & Insurance, our dedicated Unit that services the financial market, provides a unique approach, and methodology with an astute knowledge and know-how in improving your organization and is well positioned to outperform your expectations in fine-tuning the following sectors:

  • Retail banking
  • Investment banking
  • Commercial banking
  • Building Societies
  • Clearing Organisations
  • Global Payment Services
  • Financial Companies
  • Stock Markets
  • Consumer financial services
  • Insurance and Reinsurance organizations
  • Credit Card Companies
  • ATM Networks
  • Credit unions

By detailed study of the organizations and its operations McGrath is able to understand and adjust the levels of performance of back office operations, administrative costs, improvement requirements for quality of service, call centre performance, branch and commercial operations, eliminate waste and time inefficiencies and operational footprint issues. McGrath will tailor a performance program to your specific needs.


A McGrath improvement program in the Financial sector can achieve tangible results with a bottom line impact like;

  • productivity increase by as much as 45%,
  • efficiency increase by as much as 20%,
  • increased sales by as much as 40%,
  • increased profits by at least 25%,
  • reduction of costs of acquisition by 10%,
  • reduced cost of strategic procurement by up 12%,
  • reduction of operating expenses by as much as 30%,
  • processing time for operations  decrease by 50%,
  • reduction of back logs by as much as 80%,
  • adjustment improvements of 30%,
  • bad debt recovery by as much as 30%
  • increased payment processed by up to 30%.

At the same time intangible improvements are achieved, such as greater confidence from all stakeholders and participants, increased and more focused meetings, better control of key events, better communication between departments, better training programs and methods, happier and more loyal clients, improved forecasting and scheduling with correctly focused follow-up, higher retention of customers and a dynamic pro-active maintenance system.
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