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The incredible challenges that the automotive industry faces require them to be extremely efficient and pro-active in adapting themselves to the constant market changes and the always increasing pressure on costs.
In order to be able to become extremely competitive they must, by necessity, execute with swiftness, skill and dexterity, plans, concepts and methodologies in order to attain a high performance edge and retain a competitive advantage.

McGrath Automotive, our dedicated unit with its vast experience is able to study an organization and implement transformation and change programs that will deliver substantial productivity increases in all areas of value-chain, guaranteeing a 1:1 return on investment.

Improvements in such areas as production increase, procurement efficiency, inventory optimization, productivity increase, product development cycle time reduction, quality improvement, and increased yields are just some of the benefits of a McGrath program.


McGrath improvement program in the automotive sector achieve extraordinary results for an industry that is the avangarde in creating or adopting new methodologies. Our clients have achieved:

  • Productivity increase by as much as 30%,
  • Scrap by as much as 25%,
  • Improved service performance by at least 50%,
  • Down time reduction by as much as 45%
  • Change over time reduction by more than 40%
  • Development cycle time reduction by more than 30%
  • Reduction of energy costs by as much as 25%,

Intangible improvements are achieved at the same time, such as greater confidence from all stakeholders and participants, increased and more focused meetings, better control of key events, better communication between departments, better training programs and methods, more loyal and satisfied clients, improved supplier score. improved forecasting and scheduling with correctly focused follow-up, higher retention of customers and a dynamic pro-active maintenance system.

Some of our clients in the automotive industry:

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Case Studies

  • Staff and Equipment Utilisation – Floor high performance teams. Automotive. Southern Europe
  • Inventory Reduction. Automotive. Central Europe.
  • Equipment Utilisation and Production Planning Optimisation. Automotive. Central Europe
  • Logistics Optimisation and Inventory Reduction. Automotive. Northern Europe