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Aerospace & Defense

By improving execution control and correcting inefficiencies throughout the value chain McGrath is able to help Aerospace and Defense organizations achieve increased performance and full operational potential at a lower cost.

It is McGrath’s imperative to implement change in these organizations directly maximizing the value chain through suppliers, contractors and OEM’s. With its key in-depth knowledge and expertise it will ensure transformation and substantial shareholders value in these key strategic industries.

Our McGrath expert team dedicated to Aerospace and Defense industry will deliver a program of significant performance improvements without the need for Capex or other investments while guaranteeing a 1:1 return on investment.

Typical improvements


Intangible improvements are achieved at the same time, such as greater confidence from all stakeholders and participants, increased and more focused meetings, better control of key events, better communication between departments, better training programs and methods, happier and more loyal clients, improved forecasting and scheduling with correctly focused follow-up, higher retention of customers and a dynamic pro-active maintenance system.