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To achieve extraordinary results, to have the knowledge of how to achieve excellence and superior performance is just a small part of the road to success. Fundamentally, it is also necessary to have the right people so that the implementation of this knowledge becomes reality to our clients.

McGrath has a human resources policy that ensures that we have expert consultants with proven experience in implementing high performance systems.

Most of our consultants have been with us for over ten years and many of them have been with us since the beginning of our company.

Another key element is our training policy is that our consultants are extensively trained in our methods, tactics, systems and technology.

Our approach is based on the conviction and ownership of the staff of our clients, so it is key to success, to have persuasion skills and to establish a professional but friendly relationship with our clients and staff. In short, we create teams. And our people are specialists on that.

Our Management:

Leslie E McGrath Masters 

Chief Executive Officer – Founder

Leslie Masters

With more than 30 years experience in the consulting business, Leslie founded McGrath with the purpose of really delivering quantified results based on the clients needs. This differential approach, taking into account the clients wishes, concerns and objectives, led McGrath to work throughout the world with some of the most recognizable organisations and becoming a global player, but with a special care on the quality of the work and the client satisfaction.

Leslie has travelled the world helping businesses to reach excellence and superior performance and he is based in Brussels,

Mariano de Bernardi

Managing Director – Partner – C.O.O.

Mariano de Bernardi

Mariano has been in the consulting business for more than 25 years and with McGrath from the beginning. He has helped more than 100 companies all over the world to assess their performance and implement programs to accomplish their goals and achieve high performance and excellence.

Mariano has an academic background in Law, Economics and Management and he is a certified coach, a management trainer and a public speaker on personal and corporate performance. 

Mariano lives in Barcelona.

Antonio Nobrega

Chief Financial Officer

Antonio Nobrega

With a vast experience in finance and a strong background in telecommunications, Antonio has been a Board member of many multinationals in Europe.

He brings to McGrath the vital knowledge and experience that ensures that the growth we are having on McGrath will be routed in a strong financial foundation ensuring stability and prosperity.

Antonio has an extensive experience in financial management.

Antonio lives in Lisbon.


Managing Partner – Switzerland

Ed van der Laan

Ed is an international management consultant with almost 20 years experience in identifying and implementing performance improvements throughout all areas of client organisations. Ed has identified improvement potentials and implemented high performance programs in dozens of organisations throughout Europe

Ed is based in Zürich.