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Our Approach

Implementing results rather than suggesting improvements is our distinctive approach. We get things done!


Requirements-based methodology

McGrath, unlike other consulting companies, does not implement prepackaged solutions. We opt instead for a flexible and adaptable approach based on actual and future client requirements. We operate a results-driven business that is tailored to each client. Our programs cover every aspect of your organization, from operational and commercial to financial.

Our OAM Program – Objective Alignment Methodology

One of the integral elements of our “Objective Alignment Methodology” is the close liaison and cooperation with our clients’ management team. Once solid communication channels between the advisory and execution teams are established, setting out objectives for horizontal and vertical measures throughout the organization become an effortless procedure. Our approach guarantees that your people are fluent in our methodology and the goals that need to be achieved.

Bottom-up approach

Our bottom-up approach, together with our OAM program and our Program Management System, works to ensure a successful implementation of the change initiative concepts, values and objectives agreed upon by the clients’ Management Board from the shop floor level upwards. This methodology allows the removal of common barriers to change management, and supports the longevity of the program long after completion.

Our people

Our consultants are highly experienced and extremely motivated. They are extensively trained in our methods, systems and technology. They attend internal training off-site workshops twice a year in addition to on-the-job training sessions. Their average operational experience is around 15 to 20 years. Most of their background experience is in engineering or business.

McGrath’s operational philosophy

In contrast to other consulting organizations our location-based analysis teams are also the designated implementation and execution advisors. This approach ensures fluid program execution as well as faultless implementation and integration of solutions, know-how and methodology, as well as the roll-down of objectives, methods, systems and training programs.

Quantifiable Financial Results

It is McGrath’s imperative to achieve real financial and operational results for our clients. Our agreements are based on the principle that we have earned the right to work tomorrow because we delivered today. To this end you will be evaluating our performance with your financial department on a weekly basis.

Empowering change

A requisition of our methodology is in securing you and your people’s conviction to embark on the process of change. For this purpose, we have developed various methodologies designed to engage you and your people and empower them to embrace change. Some of our tools are clear and visual mapping that convey the message to all levels of the organization.