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Who are we?


Performance on a global scale

Embracing wholeheartedly McGrath client’s wishes, requirements, concerns, and objectives is the principle that drove Leslie Masters to establish McGrath over twenty years ago. This philosophy and commitment is more then ever embedded in every single undertaking we are engaged in by ensuring that our clients businesses are successful and productive with superior performances.

In order to achieve this ambitious goal, McGrath was founded as a “boutique” consulting company, gathering a team of very expert consultants with a success track record and with the shared value that every client is different and special, with its own challenges and goals.

McGrath does not have a standard approach but a common know how and knowledge of proven methodologies that we are experts in implementing.

We are experts in leading the transformation process in our clients, so we do not just give instructions…we get them done…we do not tell our clients how to become excellent…we make them excellent…

What we do

For nearly a quarter of a century McGrath has been implementing operational and commercial excellence programs with our clients. Our world-class teams of trusted performance experts have a wealth of experience in strengthening performance and bottom lines.

Our teams collaborate and inspire across time zones, languages and cultures to engage in delivering performance that help clients make solid and palpable returns.

Our Philosophy

At the core of our philosophy lay our profound and unwavering commitment to build a strong relationship with our clients that understands the fundamental necessity of motivating client’s people to change. By building focused client/McGrath teams we will deliver forward thinking, simple yet innovative and dynamic solutions that produce unprecedented results and superior performance in a Global scale.

Our concept

Fundamental to our work is our initial in depth and detailed fact finding study that will explore all complexities and intricacies of any organization.

By taking this critical look across the horizontal and vertical operation of a client’s organization McGrath will have an in depth understanding of the way clients operations actually functions and benchmark them against the way they should really function. It will thereafter be able to implement tailor made solutions that are fine-tuned and aligned with the client’s objectives. These solutions will deliver measurable financial and operational performance resulting in superior competitiveness.

A source of McGrath pride and a major differentiation is our exclusively proven behavioral and attitude change program embedded in every single undertaking. This program is implemented across every layer of the organization ensuring the perennial and self-sustaining transformation and increased competitiveness.